Multiply exists to inspire and equip leaders and teams to pioneer new communities which follow Jesus.

We’re captured by a dream that touches every city, town and village across the Diocese of York. A dream of dozens of new communities gathering to worship Jesus and reach out with his love and power. A dream of thousands of new disciples of all ages, particularly those the church has often struggled to reach in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

There are three main strands to Multiply
Ministers: A team of full time ‘ministers’ in thirteen locations who are pioneering new worshipping communities.
Lay Leaders: Part-time and volunteer leaders with teams of ordinary people with extraordinary ambitions for reaching those that church currently doesn’t.  
Planting and revitalising:
St Michael-le-Belfrey will train and equip an additional curate every two years to be sent out with a team to revitalise a parish or to plant a new church.

More and more people are catching this big dream across our whole diocese. We’d love you to join in. Let’s pray together, learn together, work together to see it become a reality near you. Please get in touch.

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