Who is your NWC for? 

Where do you feel like you belong? Home? Hockey Team? Pub? Club? 

Who do you think would feel like they belonged in at your new worshipping community? 

As you are starting to figure out what your NWC is going to do, look like, where it is going to be based and what time it will start - it is worth spending sometime thinking about who you actually want to reach. 

Imagine them. What do they need?

Team Exercise (30 mins)

As an NWC team you could try this exercise - split your team up into smaller groups - preferably in twos or threes

Draw an outline of a person that might be attracted to come to your NWC. 

Let your imagination start to takeover and have a go at describing them:

  1. What do they look like?

  2. What is their name?

  3. What is their job?

  4. Do they like church?

  5. Do they consider themselves to be a Christian?

  6. How old are they?

  7. Do they have children?

  8. Do they have a partner or spouse?

  9. What music do they like?

  10. Do they like sport? 

  11. What do they do in their spare time?

  12. How have they found out about your NWC?

  13. What encouraged them to come along?

  14. What would keep them coming?

Compare with the other groups in your team and ask them what they wrote and why. 

Now, ask yourselves what you might change about your NWC or how you invite people to it or where it is located. 

What would you need to do to help your imaginary person to belong?