Tips on Starting an NWC

(from those who are already doing it)

Take a look at this fantastic blog from the Joshua Centre with tips for starting an NWC:

Look through the list of advice for ‘before you start’ and ‘after you have started’.

If you’re trying to figure out how to do this or you’ve begun already this will give you some direct thoughts on what works and what might not.

They reference a couple of resources, their own fantastic set and also the Roots website (but you do have to pay for these!).

One of the highlight comments in the blog is this:

Don’t worry about your mistakes – learn from them. If nothing else, they help us to remember that we don’t know everything.

- Sharon Boden Joshua Centre

This is so important. As you are looking over all these resources they may feel overwhelming but don’t feel you need to use everything. Try something and if it doesn’t work leave it. Make mistakes and learn from them. That’s what everyone who is having a go at starting (and growing!) an NWC is doing.