There are a many, many ways of doing ‘New Worshipping Communities’. The Joshua Centre in the Diocese of Liverpool have started lots of new congregations in the last couple of years. We are learning loads from them. Take a look at their website and the lists of All-Age Cafe style congregations that they have begun.

Like the Joshua Centre we too want to reach new housing areas, refugees, asylum seekers, pensioners, toddlers and carers, vulnerable adults such as the homeless and drug addicts, rural areas, school communities, growing suburbs, estates, and coastal towns, and many others. These are all what ‘New Worshipping Communities’ can look like.

Get inspired by the Joshua Centre’s examples of stories and testimonies:


It can be a bit confusing exactly what a ‘New Worshipping Community’ is; for example, does a youth group count or does a alpha course? Fresh Expressions have loads of advice on how to think creatively about church and what it might mean in practice. Take a look at their story and at their suggestions about what a ‘Fresh Expression’ is.