Liturgy is at the heart of Anglicanism. These are scripts we learn and use to shift our stance toward worship in God. It is how we connect as a community both locally and globally.

An NWC can be liturgical. It doesn’t have to look like a contemporary worship band or even a discussion group. It could in some ways seem traditional BUT with a focus on reaching 20s, 30s and 40s. Those age groups are crying out for spiritual depth and for many liturgy can be a doorway to this.

There are a variety of creative and traditional ways that liturgy can be powerful.

Check out this liturgical exercise from the Joshua Centre: LIGHT

There are also fascinating new movements in liturgy in the US. For innovative ways of thinking about liturgy, check out Aaron Niequist’s The Eternal Current and his church The Practice. Whatever size church we are, we can all learn from each other.

Liturgy doesn’t just have to be for an ‘official’ church or NWC gathering. Eating together is an important way of building bonds in your team and community, and of connecting with Jesus as a group. If you are eating together as a NWC and are interested in exploring liturgies around sharing food and peace, ‘Peacemeal’ offer some interesting suggestions here.