One of the key ways of growing your team is by making ‘heroes’ rather than trying to be one. Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird’s book Heromaker challenges leaders to think about how they activate people’s gifts, how they multiply disciples and how they give permission. Check it out here and see if it is useful for you. 

G2 York did a full series of talks on this as well, so listen to them and see what you might use: HEROMAKER SERIES

One particular highlight was ‘Permission Giving’ which looked at the ICNU principle - ‘I see in you’. Try out the exercise below and see if you can grow your team and your congregation by seeing potential in people that others might not and by activating those gifts. 

Team/Leader Exercise (15 mins):

Prep: Pray over three of the people that come to your NWC or that might want to join the team. Remember to pray for them three times in the lead up to your team meeting. 

Task: Spend 3 minutes each thinking and discussing about what you think God might see in these three individuals. What are their gifts? What would they like to do? What are their struggles and needs? What role could they play in the NWC or on the team? 

Conclusion: Pray over them again as a group. 

Outcome: Message each individual or meet up with them. Choose one of the gifts that your group thinks that person has and chat to them about it with them. If they don’t agree, don’t worry, let it go and be humble - say why you’re trying it and ask them what they think their gifts are. If they do agree, suggest ways that they might be able to use that gift in the NWC or for your team.