GodSend App from Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions have launched a new App called ‘GodSend’ which aims to help you grow and develop your NWC. See if it helps you!

This is what they say about it:

‘Packed with content about various stages of the journey of growing a Fresh Expression of church, the app includes real life stories from people who are doing this in lots of different ways and creative animations that explain the concept in brief . We believe it is a great resource to support you whether you’re at the beginning of the journey and thinking about what it might mean for you to start a Fresh Expression or whether you’re well along the way and wondering what growing team looks like or how you reproduce what you’ve already done.’

Fresh Expressions

There is more about it here and you can download it from Google Play and App Store

Download it from here and see what you think.

With the App, Fresh Expressions have also made some videos to help you start thinking about beginning an NWC. Have a look at their youtube channel, their are 17 in all: GodSend youtube channel.

Below are just a few of them: